Where is the Best Place to Register a Domain Name?

26 Jul , 2017 Articles

Where is the Best Place to Register a Domain Name?

There are several platforms available today where a person can register a domain name. These places have may look similar in many ways but they do have quite some difference amongst them. They all are well known platforms that serve their purpose of registering domain names; they are all among different price ranges as well. The following are some of the best places to register a domain name.

  1. Namecheap

Registrations of domain names on namecheap are quite affordable, as the name itself suggests. The first year registration at namecheap is $9.98 only, making it quite cheap. However being an affordable platform is not the only reason why namecheap is so well-known. It is greatly known for its amazing customer services as well as its value added packages. Along with the registration you are provided with a free email, free domain parking, domain transfers and a lot more.

  1. 1&1

The 1&1 platform includes a 5-page starter website, along with a 2 GB storage email account. The price of the registration for the 1st year is $4.99 only. Moreover 1&1 has a lot of other features such as free private domain registration that will secure your personal information, free domain transfer and a lot more.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddys first year registration comes to only $11.99. This platform has increased its awareness and customer base by providing affordable package deals to its customers as well as recurrent specials while registering for a new domain. They also provide a free mini hosting plan. In addition to this, users are provided with a five page website that includes templates, blogging tools, a photo album and a 1 GB storage email account. Moreover, it may not have free registration, but if a person registers five or more domains it would be free for all of them.

  1. Name

The first-year registration fee at Name is only $9.99. Unlike the simpler domains, Name has quite a lot of alternate domain name searches that are not like the traditional and common ones, these domain names are usually up for auction. Name also has a feature known as “domain grabber.” If for instance you happen to want a domain name that is unavailable, you can pay an amount ranging between $20-50 to pounce on the domain thus making it available. This platform is a place to go if you are looking for a simple registration.