Cheap Windows Hosting Tutorials

26 Jul , 2017 Articles

Cheap Windows Hosting Tutorials

Hosting can be a complicated task, and this is especially true if you’re not the kind of person who likes tinkering with hosting settings in an attempt to manipulate the system to meet certain unique objectives. If you are the do it yourself type who has no clue about hosting, then you could use a little help from cheap windows tutorials on a myriad of “how to” topics about hosting.

In fact, if you’re someone who likes to build your own understanding of how particular hosting aspects operate, read on techie stuff or simply enjoys coding, then a cheap windows hosting tutorial is definitely for you. is a great source for cheap windows tutorials on different hosting topics. Their tutorials include but are not limited to;

·ASP.NET MVC 6 tutorial: Migrate ASP.NET web API 2 to MVC 6

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a new MVC 6 project from the default starter template. It also covers other sub-topics such as

  • Inheriting from API controller
  • Returning Http response message
  • Binding Http request message
  • Http request message extensions
  • Http error

· ASP.NET MVC 4 Multilingualism

Multilingualism is the use of more than two languages by an individual community. Interestingly, multilingual speakers outnumber monolingual speakers in the world population.

Due to the status of English in computing, software development almost always uses it. As such, nearly all commercial software is initially available in an English version and after, multilingual versions maybe produced based on the English version.

In today’s competitive internet world, not having a multilingual website implies you are ignoring the needs as well as the potential market segment of major parts of the world’s population that could impact your business bottom-line.

This tutorial explains how to create a multi-lingual website in MVC 4

Sub- topics include

  • Adding resource file for different languages
  • Creating a class module
  • Managing language property function
  • Modifying layout page for show available languages (language switcher)

· ASP.NET MVC 6 tutorial: Handle multiple submit buttons on the same form in MVC 6

This tutorial explains how to handle multiple submit buttons on the same form in MVC. It outlines the various techniques for handling multiple buttons within the form making it easier for anyone to use it.


Admittedly, these tutorials may not be for novices as they come in handy for tech-savvy and web coding aficionados.

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