Avoid Downtime when Migrating WordPress Websites to a New Web Hosting Company -

Avoid Downtime when Migrating WordPress Websites to a New Web Hosting Company

There can be several reasons as to why one might want to switch a WordPress site to a new web host. Usually, the reason is your current web host might no longer be meeting the needs and requirements of your growing website.

The process of switching a WordPress site to a different web host company is a relatively straight forward process. The challenge comes about if you want to execute the same process without downtime. The process is achievable without downtime if you meticulously employ a few steps.

migrating your word press website to a new Web host

Steps to follow to avoid downtime while migrating your word press website to a new Web host:

1. Back up all your files before transfer to your new web host

Be sure to back up all your databases and website files. This is the most important part for two reasons.

  1. Your databases are covered in case the process goes wrong.
  2. You are sure to transfer the latest version of your website to your new web host.

 After back up is complete, you can now proceed to transfer files and databases to the new host. It is recommended that you use FTP programs like FileZilla for the transfer.   You can check with the new host company whether they provide website migration services to save you the trouble of executing the process yourself.


2. Check your imported database

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong while importing the database it is most probable that the imported database may have been corrupted. If this happens you can employ three things;

  1. Re-upload your database while over writing the previous database
  2. Use phpMyAdmin to repair the database manually.
  3. If the above is not successful then you will need to call your new hosting company to help you configure your MySQL database correctly.


3. Change your Domain’s name server

Now that all necessary files and databases have successfully moved to the new hosting company, the next step is crucial.

Your new hosting company will have provided you with the name of servers. Change your domain’s name servers to the name of your new hosting company. If not, your website will be unavailable once you close your old account.

This will direct your visitors to your new hosting account. Ordinarily, you will maintain the same web traffic as before.


4. Check for broken links

Broken links might arise as a result of moving content to a different location without redirecting to the new location. To avoid this, check all links on your website to make sure they can be accessed.

migrating your word press website

5. Check Email accounts

If you are running an online business, it is imperative that your email functions are performing normally and are not affected by the process.


6. Check everything before finishing the process

Check if everything is functional, this way you can detect any problems and fix them immediately.

It is advisable to inform your community of users the date and time of the upcoming switch. It will help alleviate too much stress for yourself and users if something goes wrong.


7. Changes will take effect after 48 hours

DNS changes take 48 hours to process. After 48 hours your website should be able to load consistently from your new Web hosting company.


8. Close your old host account

It is now safe to close off the old host account. However, if you used your old hosting provider to register the domain then be sure to cancel only the services within your account. Otherwise, your effort of transferring all those files without downtime would have been for nothing as you would lose your domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name already, checkout this link to create one and get inspired!



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